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Welcome to the new Jewelry Round Up

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  • Gold jewelry scrap: rings, chains, charms, earrings, pendants, class rings, bracelets etc.
  • Sterling silver jewelry
  • Diamonds

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Bring in your jewelry from diamonds to metals, including vintage items. We will assist you in assessing value and fair pricing.

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Welcome to Jewelry Round Up at the Gold and Silver Exchange!

Jewelry Round Up began over 15 years ago. I saw so much of vintage jewelry going to the refinery, I decided to buy what I could and refurbish the pieces that in my mind are pieces of art. I felt that they should be displayed and worn. Jewelry Round Up has joined Gold & Silver Exchange which has been a wonderful partnership. We are continuing to specialize in bullion with our large selection. We have made a few changes, we no longer showcase bullion, however, we are happy to fulfil your investment, if we do not have the entire amount on hand, we are happy to order it for you, some delays are still happening as they have with the pandemic.

Jewelry Round Up is excited to share wonderful pieces in an actual store setting. I have been purchasing pieces for well over 15 years. We have quite a collection of Native American pieces as well as more modern such as David Yurman and John Hardy also some local artists. We have also started a vintage collection including some beautiful gold and diamond pieces.

We are excited to share the new atmosphere, unique pieces along with great prices!

We look forward to doing business with you whether you’re buying or selling!